Our Students

HAIS seeks to foster a positive and supportive environment where each student is a valued and supported member of our community and one where the ‘whole child’ can flourish.
As such, our students really are at the heart of who we are. HAIS currently has students representing more than twenty different nationalities. This shapes a dynamic, global-learning environment where our students learn both about, and from one another.
It creates an environment where they learn to respect diversity, become open-minded and engage in global issues. We encourage our students to be inquirers who are balanced and reflective in their learning.

House System

The school has 3 Houses: Dragon, Buffalo, and Phoenix. All Early Years – Year 11 students and academic staff take an active part in House activities. All students become a member of a House when they enter the school and are encouraged to participate in House activities. Siblings are placed in the same House. House allocations are determined at the time of enrolment, and once a student is assigned to a house, they may not change during the course of their academic career at HAIS.

Inter-House competitions range across a wide variety of activities, including but not limited to the HAIS Athletics Carnival and the HAIS Swimming Carnival.

Dragon House

Phoenix House

Buffalo House

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