our students

HAIS seeks to foster a positive and supportive environment where each student is a valued and supported member of our community and one where the ‘whole child’ can flourish. As such our students really are at the heart of who we are. HAIS currently has students representing more than 21 different nationalities. This shapes a dynamic, global learning environment where our students learn both about, and from one another. It creates an environment where they learn to respect diversity, be open-minded and engage in global issues. We encourage our students to be inquirers who are balanced and reflective in their learning.

We pride ourselves on offering our students an education that is academically rigorous while at the same time emotionally and physically engaging – whether it be through public speaking, visual arts, singing, playing musical instruments, dancing or trying out a variety of sports. They have access to many different subjects, which allows them to excel in the areas in which they are strong and develop in those where they still need growth. We follow an inquiry-based approach to learning to develop our students into critical thinkers and problem-solvers.

A HAIS student is appreciative of the opportunities they are provided with and make the most out of every single day. They are polite and caring students who make us proud daily.  Parent-student engagement is at the core of HAIS and plays an integral role in the development of our students both on and off-campus. Relationship building at HAIS is inherent as it gives our students a sense of belonging and a place that they can call home.