The HAIS Hornets swim team recently showcased their teamwork, competitive spirit and superb swimming talent at the ISPP Swim Meet in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Over the course of the three-day meet, the Hornets demonstrated their prowess in the pool and left a lasting impression, taking home the Quality Team Award on the final day.

Led by their dedicated swimming coaches, the HAIS Hornets arrived at the event with a clear goal in mind – to do their best in the pool and support each other as a team. And to give credit where credit is due, they did not disappoint.

From the very beginning, the Hornets proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Paige secured an impressive gold, silver, and bronze medal, showcasing her exceptional skills and determination. CheaA also claimed a well-deserved silver medal, while Samea added to the team’s success with a bronze medal in the 100m breaststroke event.

Other medal winners to acknowledge are Jack (Bronze), Mila (Bronze,) and our mixed relay team (Poppy, Jade, Vemund and Owen) who also achieved a bronze medal.

The accomplishments of our HAIS Hornets didn’t stop at individual victories. The team’s exceptional performance led them to clinch the prestigious Quality Team Award. This accolade is a testament to the collective effort, hard work, and unwavering dedication exhibited by every member of the team.

Accompanied by Head of Sport Mr Yoann, their supportive swimming coaches, Mr Elton, and Ms Amanda, as well as CEO Ms An, Principal Brett, and a number of proud parents, the HAIS Hornets demonstrated true sportsmanship and represented their school with pride.

HAIS Principal Mr Brett was obviously extremely proud of the team for coming home with the Quality Team Award, and his speech to a recent group of prospective parents at a HAIS Brunch Tour shared his sentiments;

“Our school swim team, over the last couple of years, has gone onto the national and now the international circle of swimming. Our Head of Sport and our Swim Coach have put a lot of effort into developing the students’ swimming techniques.”

“We only took 12 swimmers to the ISPP event in Cambodia and we were up against bigger schools with groups of 50 – 60 swimmers. And at the end of it, the competition had a system whereby they took each school’s earned points, and then they divided it by the number of swimmers. So HAIS had 12 swimmers, and whatever points we had obtained, they divided by 12. And for example UNIS, I think, had 67 swimmers, so their points were divided by that number. And ultimately, HAIS was number one on the list out of the sixteen schools, so were awarded the Quality Team Award.”

“And when the students received it, for me, it was a warm moment. I mean, I’m always very proud of our school. But what it said was, in every sense of the word, we are a quality school. I wouldn’t, and I’m talking as a father now; I wouldn’t trade my children coming to this school for anything.”

Thank you Mr Brett for articulating the achievements of our swimmers so well. A remarkable outcome for the HAIS Hornets. Your success serves as an inspiration to other fellow students and reinforces HAIS’s dedication to fostering excellence in both academics and physical education.