On Saturday March 25th, we hosted our Spring Fair charity fundraiser event. Check out our highlight recap video.

With more than 100 market stalls, workshops, live music and a fashion show, the Spring Fair was held to celebrate the arrival of the warm weather and gather the community together to raise money for a good cause.

Why We Supported the Hearing & Beyond Foundation

Now and then, you encounter someone who radiates goodness. They are so engaged and determined to make a difference that they just brim with life. This was the experience when the HAIS Parent Committee met Mai McCann from Hearing & Beyond.

tập thể học sinh và giáo viên đại diễn cho Hearing & Beyond

Mai’s commitment to supporting vulnerable children in the Hoi An community was genuinely inspiring. Hearing & Beyond is a grassroots not-for-profit foundation which was established to provide a quality education for children with hearing impairment in Hoi An. Mái is a qualified nurse who returns to Australia each year to undertake three month placements, allowing her to earn the money needed to run the school. Hearing & Beyond currently has 25 children, with over 20 on the waiting list who are not currently enrolled in any form of education.

This visit to Hearing & Beyond was the kicker to putting together an exceptional 2023 Spring Fair. With this robust and purposeful foundation driving the event forward, the collective HAIS community of parents, administrative staff, teachers and students showed incredible willpower to create a successful spring celebration.

Hard Work and High Rewards

HAIS parents, teachers and administrative staff set to work to find vendors, create workshops, design posters, add live acts to the programme, and collect raffle prizes. From the outset, it was no easy task but we braced ourselves, divided up the jobs, sent emails, made phone calls, and everyone pitched in.

And what an event! On Saturday, 25th March, the sun was out, and the whole HAIS community showed up. We had over 100 stall holders and 1000 attendees, and seeing the smiling faces of the children participating was heart-warming. Our community enjoyed local and international dishes, excellent market stalls, dance performances, professional and vibrant live music, and an impressive fashion collection from three talented designers La Pham, Avana Vietnam, PlanetCraft Village and our “homegrown” models.

It was an event that brought out the best in the community. Where we could discover hard-working local businesses, and shake off winter with some sun and spring fashion.

The most rewarding part? We raised over 80 million VND for Hearing & Beyond – reaching our objective to support a new student placement at their school.

Thank you so much to everyone who showed up, had fun, and donated to a good cause. We work hard to instil habits of kindness, compassion, and humility in our children and students. Hosting an event with such clear social outcomes is something that all of us as parents value.