Most HAIS parents will be familiar with Ms Phuc. She is a warm and familiar face on campus, who has coordinated Summer Camps, Tet and Autumn Festivals, and has worked across a range of roles within the administrative team since HAIS opened in 2018. This year, Ms Phuc has stepped up to the position of Bilingual Vice Principal and we welcome her into the new role.

Ms Phuc is Hoi An at heart, having been raised and educated in Hoi An and Da Nang. Her passion for education saw her pivot from a career path in economics to education, and Ms Phuc was a founding staff member when HAIS opened in 2018.

Along with the school, Ms Phuc has grown from strength to strength in her own role – taking on responsibilities with reliability, kindness, clear observation, and insight.

She credits Ms An’s admirable leadership for finding her own path and being given the opportunity to work at a campus that celebrates a confluence of international and Vietnamese cultures. She believes that at HAIS, Vietnamese students maintain their own values and at the same time are introduced to other global celebrations and cultures, while international students have a chance to improve their appreciation for local traditions. To Ms Phuc, it’s a ‘win-win’ for all.

We asked Ms Phuc about her Top 5 things to do in Hoi An.

1. Favourite food to eat?

I love local Hoi An cuisine. Mi Quang noodles with pork and shrimp, and the traditional Cao Lau dishes are both a favourite.

2.  Favourite beach?

An Bang at sunset.

3. Favourite coffee shop?

Homies coffee. It is actually the place where I first met my husband so it is a special and nostalgic cafe, but also with great coffee.

4. Where do you always take visitors?

Old Town. It’s something you can’t miss when you’re in Hoi An – and I would recommend a photoshoot while you’re there!

5. Favourite time of year?

Autumn. The weather cools off, there is less traffic and tourists and it feels relaxed and peaceful.