Stay Grounded Keep Growing – Early Years Lesson

As part of our theme for the year – Stay Grounded Keep Growing, all of our students are taking part in activities to contribute to our school time-capsule which will be buried in our garden and uncovered in 5 years’ time when our school is 10. 

The Early Years’ Kindy students spent a morning painting their hands, decorating them, and turning them into a flower. Ms Charlotte spoke to her class about the words ‘grounded’ and ‘growing’ and how you need good roots to stay grounded or a flower might ‘fall over’. She also taught them about how you need sunlight, water and good ground in order to ‘grow’. 

The class practiced actions firmly jumping on the ground and saying ‘grounded’ together. Then starting from the ground, they moved up towards the sky and said ‘growing’. 

Reflecting on the theme, Ms Charlotte said; “We were able to introduce some new words to the group and create a really interactive lesson around the school theme. As we continue the school year, I’ll be able to ask the students if they feel grounded if they are struggling, and when they are doing well, I can commend them on their growth.”

Connecting the Theme to Nature

A garden itself is a strong metaphor for being grounded, and growing, so the Early Years’ group spent part of the lesson outside in the school garden, decorating the flower they made together and practicing the actions they learned together in the classroom.

The HAIS garden was the perfect environment to complete the lesson, as it physically and metaphorically represents so much about our theme for the year. 

To grow, a garden needs constant management, consistency, routine. Plants, trees and flowers require stamina to build strength and grow. As a gardener, there is always trial and error and some plants thrive (those with good grounding), while others wilt if they haven’t got solid roots. 

Just like a gardener needs to commit to their garden – we need to commit to our goals. If you leave the garden and don’t give it the energy it needs, it suffers – just like if you don’t put in the hard work to help yourself develop and grow. 

Thank you Kindy students for contributing to our time-capsule. We can’t believe some of you will be 10 when we dig it back up!