Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


The HAIS S.T.E.M. programme is new to the school this year and will be developed based on student input and feedback. S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, it is a great way to give the students an early start on skills they will need for an ever-changing digital and technology-based world.

Primary S.T.E.M.

Key Stage 1 - Primary Years 1 and 2

Children learn how to think imaginatively and talk about what they like and dislike when designing and making. They build on their early childhood experiences of investigating objects around them. They explore how familiar things work and talk about, draw and model their ideas and engage in long-term projects using a range of materials including digital resources. They learn how to design and make safely and how to start using STEM as part of their designing and making.

Key Stage 2 - Primary Years 3 - 6

Children work on their own and as part of a team on a range of designing and making activities and long-term projects. They think about what products are used for and the needs of the people who use them. They plan what must be done and identify what works well and what could be improved in their own and other people’s designs. They draw on knowledge and understanding from other areas of the curriculum and use digital resources in a range of ways.

Secondary S.T.E.M.

Secondary STEM subjects will be explored purely in a hands-on, project-based approach. Assessments will be guided by critical thinking and problem-solving skills in creating projects. It will also demonstrate how STEM and other subjects interconnect and are used in the real world.
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