summer school

Although in our second year of operation, HAIS has successfully hosted 2 summer camps. We previously organized an exciting four week Summer programme for children aged 3 – 14 years and continue to grow and enhance our programmes offering.

The benefits of attending the HAIS summer school are boundless as they provide students with so many social, cultural and academic benefits.  Imagine a world with many different people, with very diverse cultures, speaking a vast array of languages. Our summer camp aims to break continental boundaries by placing students from many different nationalities under one roof, where they can learn about each other’s culture, values, language, and ways of thinking.

A HAIS summer school student learns to challenge their peers and themselves in a healthy and supportive environment with the vision of bringing young people together and creating a greater social understanding and realization that we are all connected. The social skills developed at our summer school are far-reaching. Many students learn to interact in their second language and make friends from day one. Our summer school mirrors a similar learning style offered by our teachers, as students gain access to a more experiential way of learning, and are more involved in the learning process, resulting in a deeper form of learning and ability to apply skills.

Our summer school offers an engaging activity schedule promoting outdoor learning, encouraging students to get outside and take part in physical activity. Our programme promises to provide days filled with fun and plenty of opportunities for children of all ages and interests to learn new skills and make new friends from around the world affording them exposure to a truly international community.