At HAIS we understand the importance of learning languages. Every student from Discovery to Grade 8 will participate in an Additional Language. Currently we offer Vietnamese, Mandarin and English as an Additional Language.


In Vietnamese students begin with learning basic phrases to be able to participate in simple conversations. They learn through the idea of “Who I Am.” Students are able to share their names, countries or origin, greetings, age, likes and dislikes. Each week three sounds are introduced to the students to begin mastery of pronunciation. They also learn through stories, games and songs. The focus from Early Years to Grade Three is conversational, In Grade Three and above, more reading and writing is introduced to the classes.


In Mandarin, classes student begin by using Pinyin. Pinyin is the official romanization system for Standard Chinese in mainland China. The children sing songs, listen to stories and practice short dialogues with each other. Ms.Bella uses an inquiry approach to her teaching and incorporates and much speaking as possible so the students can build on a strong foundation.


We are very exciting to be adding another language to our additional languages program at HAIS! As with all of our languages, we don’t only teach language, but we teach culture as well. Students will have the opportunity to inquire into the cultures of French speaking nations, explore the different dialects and engage with speakers around the globe using interactive technology. Along with the IB language scope and sequence document which guides the teaching and learning, HAIS also uses the internationally recognized WIDA standards to assess what students can do.

English as an Additional Language.

We recognize that for many of our students, English is not their first or even second language. Our English as an Additional Language programme caters to the needs of all of our students.

All non native english speakers entering the International Programme must take an English assessment test to determine their language abilities.

Students scoring within Level 1(Entering) or Level 2 (Emerging) are required to take English as an Additional Language classes with a qualified native English speaker.

Once the EAL teachers believes there has been significant progress in language acquisition, the the student will be tested again. If they score within Level 3, they will exit EAL classes. All students applying for a place in the Secondary programme must score within Level 3 in order to access the curriculum.

HAIS is a member of  WIDA and as such, uses the assessments, learning outcomes and resources for all additional languages. This guarantees continuity across our language programme.

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