• The scholarship is not convertible to cash and excludes facilities enhancement fee, lunches, school bus, extra-curricular activities and other sub fees,
  • Parents are responsible to pay all amounts owing to the school that are not covered by the Scholarship,
  • Application fee is deducted in the final payable amount if applicants get the scholarship,
  • Application fee is refunded for applicants who are from “poor Vietnamese household” certified by authorities,
  • Acceptance and payment of all amounts will be required by the due date or the offer will be withdrawn,
  • Scholarships are reviewed each year, and will be continued on the basis that the student maintains high standards of academic achievement, participates to the best of their ability in school activities, and adheres to the School’s policies and rules. Scholarships will be withdrawn if these expectations are not met,
  • For applicants that get the Bilingual Scholarships, we offer scholarships up to Grade 5 only. If students would like to continue International Secondary Programme at HAIS after graduating Bilingual Primary, they need to apply for another examination to get the other scholarship.