On November 10th, in the spirit of our school’s ethos of ‘giving back’ and supporting those less fortunate than us, the HAIS Parent Community organised a Gala Dinner to raise awareness for, and contribute donations to four local charities.

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It started at a HPC catch-up earlier this year, when the parent committee suggested a fundraiser event where they could support a local Hoi An charity, get together, and dress up for the occasion. The off-the-cuff suggestion (in typical HAIS style) inspired the whole parent community to roll up their sleeves and make it happen.

On Friday November 10th, the HPC held its first Fundraising Gala Dinner at the Hoiana Beach Resort, which was attended by over 65 parents, and raised an incredible 320 million VND for four local charities. The event was lively, the artwork and auction pieces exceptional, and the music performances rich and resonating. There was exquisite food, and even better company.

Overwhelmingly, people came together for the sole purpose of supporting charities in need. The exceptional sum of 320 million VND will go to the Children’s Education Foundation, Hearing and Beyond, Giving it Back to Kids, and the Kianh Foundation.

The outcome tells a story of a passionate community of parents who work hard to make things happen, and who show up to contribute. The goodwill of the HPC does not go unnoticed by our students, and their force for positive change sets an example of the power of community and where we as parents can enforce the notion of seeing opportunity instead of limitations. 

And that, in itself, deserves a ribbon.

Special Thanks

The HPC would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to executing this event. A big thank you to Pascal, who was the highest bidder, and to Petter Erik for his generous bid and donation. Our sponsors also deserve to be highlighted – particularly the Mot Met Studio who donated a portrait package that resulted in raising 175 million VND for the selected charities.

Thanks to Antoine from Sampan Rhum for generously donating the reception drinks. Antoine started preparing for the event weeks prior to the Gala, by aging the Negroni in special barrels to give it a softer flavour. 

A List here of all Contributions:


  • Portrait by Mot Met Studio 1mx1m: Winning bidder Pascal Locati, 80 million
  • 2 x Portraits by Mot Met Studio 50x50cm: Winning bidder Petter Erik Nyvoll, 75 million
  • ‘Red Xmas Tree’ by Lacquer Seeds / Saeko Ando: Winning bidder Max Lambert, 24 million
  • ‘Snow Man’ by Lacquer Seeds / Saeko Ando: Winning bidder Thien Nguyen, 20 million
  • ‘Light Brown Xmas Tree’ by Lacquer Seeds / Saeko Ando: Winning bidder Travis Fennell, 16.5 million
  • Pete’s Granola bag of products: Winning bidder Steve Wolstenholme, 3 million


  • Tu and Tom Vanmolkot donated 24.3 million
  • Madison Cathy and Simon Caballero donated  1 million 


  • IGCSE Graduate Tabitha King’s ‘Bottles’ painting:  Winning bidder Antoine Poircuitte, 10 million.
  • Year 8 Daisy Dinh’s ‘Hoi An at night’ painting: Winning bidder Petter Erik Nyvoll, 6.9 million.
  • A Level Solomon Ray Nguyễn’s ‘Koi Pond’ painting: Winning bidder Travis Fennell, 3.9 million.
  • Year 7 Emilie Lopez’s cat painting: Sold to Carolyn Flounders, 3 million.


Thanking some of our wonderful sponsors including;

  • New World Hoiana Beach Resort
  • Hoiana Hotel and Suites & Shores Hoiana Golf Club
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Barefoot Beach Club
  • Hoi An Old Town Tailor
  • Sheraton Da Nang
  • PETE’s Luxury Wholefoods.
  • TOK restaurant
  • Raven Wine Tasting
  • Green Bamboo
  • NAIA Yoga
  • Harmony Life
  • Mango Rooms Hoi An
  • Tia Wellness Spa
  • Laguna Lang Co
  • DAISU Silk


Music was a highlight of the night with performances from students Daisy Dinh, Sam Lambert and Trí Trần as the guest performers.

Other local classical and jazz performers including Sabine Mignot, Paddy and Aggie Burrowes also entertained Gala attendees throughout the night, with DJ Triet Nguyen concluding the night with great dance floor energy. 

Other Supporters:

Thank you to Huy Trần who supported with sound & light, Đức Phạm, and Bảo Ly the artist painter.

Gala Coordinating Committee:

An, Tram, Virginia, Jeanie, Eva, Jessica, Max, Peter, Sophie.