HAIS is excited to present our musical adaptation of the Wizard of Oz on Thursday April 27th from 5.00 PM – 7.00 PM.

Join Dorothy and Toto as they are swept over the rainbow to the merry old land of Oz.

A display will be set up on Open Day on Saturday April 15th, and tickets will be available at our administration.

Good luck to all the students involved.


Student: 50k

Adult: 100k

“The students have been rehearsing very hard over the past two terms in preparation for the performance and we can’t wait to invite you all to support and enjoy the show.” Ms Frances – Director

Main Cast:

Jade Macdouall: Dorothy

Jade is a talented student both in and out of the classroom. A confident performer with the class band, an excellent sportswoman and she excels academically too! It was therefore no surprise that she gave an outstanding audition for the role of Dorothy at the start of the year and has trained hard for the performance since rehearsals began.

Jade has shown great responsibility and quickly learnt her lines. She is a supportive member of the cast and although she is nervous that the show date is approaching, I am confident that she will deliver an amazing performance on the night!

Jade is the perfect student to play Dorothy and will be joined on stage by both her younger sister Paige, who plays the Good With Glinda, and her youngest brother Braydon, who will play Toto.



Eloise Nguyen: Scarecrow

Elly, year 9, is a diligent, friendly and talented student. She is conscientious and a good role model, but is modest about her successes at school. It was therefore a welcomed surprise that Elly took a step out of her comfort zone and chose to audition for the role of Scarecrow! She put in a perfect portrayal of Scarecrow showing his sensitive and quirky personality with his loveable but clumsy characteristics. Tickets for the musical will soon go on sale so don’t miss your chance to see Elly as Scarecrow on stage!


Tinman: Amanda Kikkawa Tardin


Lion: Dang Quoc Khai


Full Cast List: