Tiny Commuters on Our HAIS Bus Service

There is always some hesitation about sending your two or three-year-old off on the school bus with all the other ‘big’ kids.  It can be a big milestone for parents and children when you say goodbye to them – with their oversized bag and tiny legs climbing on and letting go of your hand.

Our HAIS bus drivers realise this, and are so caring and welcoming for our tiny commuters.

Our beloved school bus manager Doan will high-five the kids and welcome them onto the bus in the afternoons, and when some of the little ones nod off to sleep on the way home, our caring drivers will wake them up, or carry them off carefully to Mum, Dad or whoever is waiting at the stop.

Travelling from Da Nang to Hoi An is part of the fun for many of our kids who make friends on the bus, wind down from their day, laugh and chatter and play music.

We spoke to one of our parents Marie about the school bus commute from Da Nang. She said;

“As a parent of a young kid starting school for the first time, I remember the uneasiness I felt at letting my child go on the school bus. After so many years attached at the hip, it felt quite strange to not bring her myself to the door of her classroom where I knew she would be safe all day until my return (helicopter parent alert!). But I soon realised I had absolutely nothing to worry about. The HAIS school buses feel like a true extension of the caring and thoughtful attitude displayed at the school.”

We know it can be hard to see the forest through the clingy grips of your toddlers or little ones, but with our drivers Hoa, Nhit and Nham at the helm, you can be sure that your tiny commuters are taken care of.



Doan our bus manager always has a smile to welcome the kids.


Our fleet of ‘fun’ buses offer comfort and time to wind down with friends.


Mini HAIS commuters.