Did we just blink and it’s nearly the school year again?

Getting back into a routine for the start of the academic year is both exciting and challenging all at once.

Amidst the enthusiasm of reconnecting with friends and grasping new opportunities, there might also be times of uncertainty, having too much energy or not enough, and maybe just feeling a little out of sync for the first week or two.

To avoid a stressful scramble to the start of the school year, we’ve listed a few tips for families to consider before we commence.

Early Years:

Little ones thrive on consistency, so changes in routine can always cause a bit of upset (tears are natural for both mums and toddlers at first day drop offs!)


We recommend a few of these helpful tips:

  • Let your child choose a backpack and their uniform to get them excited about what is to come. Then tell them they can decide on their breakfast on the first day.
  • It’s always a good idea to attend ‘Drop in and Say Hi’ day to meet their teacher and get familiar with the classroom. This is scheduled on the day before school and tends to ease any unexpected surprises on the first day. If you didn’t get a chance this year, remember to make a note for next year!
  • On drop off day, a kiss and a cuddle help – simple advice but always needed. This song ‘Light as a Bubble’ by the Teeny Tiny Stevies is about dropping little ones off at school and a great one for your toddler playlist.



Primary students are usually a little more geared and rearing to go at the start of the school year, but there might be periods of overwhelm if they are introduced to new subjects or unfamiliar faces.

Some of our HAIS tips for Primary kids;

  • Students who are new to homework might need some guidance about breaking work into small tasks first and assistance with writing down what they need to do each day in their planner.
  • Make sure that they have a consistent bedtime and get a good night’s sleep, with uniforms all packed and ready the night before so there is no stress in the morning.
  • Encourage independence by getting them to organise their school bag with water bottle, hat and school planner on their own.
  • Make sure they are getting exercise too. A walk or a bike ride can really help to relieve any stress and have a better night’s sleep.

Secondary & A Level

With great power comes great responsibility (said Spiderman) – and it’s the same with age. Our Secondary and A Level students have higher expectations when it comes to responsibility, time management, and setting their own boundaries.

To help them start the school year, we’ve come up with a handful of tips for our older students:

  • Limit screen time if they’ve gone a little rogue with the gaming over the holidays. Students will still need access to tech so help set up the necessary platforms they might need like Canva or their google schools account. Set a time each night for the whole household to log out and power down and use the screen free time to get organised before the morning rush.
  • At the start of the academic year, sit down with your teenagers and look over the syllabus together for key projects and the exam calendar.
  • Talk about some realistic boundary setting together so that there is a balance of things like TV, sports, friendships, and homework.
  • With all the pressure on academics, it’s also important to set some non-academic goals around particular hobbies or special interests. Having a purpose in something that absorbs their fascination is also worth nurturing.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back and anticipate an exciting year ahead at HAIS.