Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees for 2022-2023 School Year

20.000.000 VND
This annual deposit is to be paid within two weeks of the student being offered a place at Hoi An International School. The Enrollment Deposit secures the student’s place in the allocated class and will be deducted from the student’s total invoice.

Returning students are to re-enrol as soon as possible to reserve their spot in the upcoming year. For all returning students, a seat for the student in the new school year will be guaranteed provided the following requirements are met:
    • Information and documentation requested by the School is provided by the parent;
    • The Enrolment Deposit is paid in when .
The School will prioritise class arrangements for all students on the condition that:
    • Students are accepted according to the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment;
    • Seats are available at acceptable year levels;
    • Fees are paid in full, by the due date, as per the Payment Schedule.
Programme of Study



Early Bird Discount 20%Early Bird Discount 10%Annual PaymentBiannual PaymentQuarterly Payment
Early Years

Play Group


Kindergarten 1-2104,000,000117,000,000130,000,00068,250,00035,750,000
International Early Years

Kindergarten 1-2


Bilingual Primary

Preparatory and Grade 1124,800,000140,400,000156,000,00081,900,00042,900,000
Grades 2-5156,000,000175,500,000195,000,000102,375,00053,625,000
International Primary

Years 1-2
(Key Stage 1)


Years 3-6
(Key Stage 2)


Years 7-9
(Key Stage 3)


Years 10-11
(Key Stage 4)


Years 12

To be updated

Tuition fees (paid annually and in full) include the following:

    • One school uniform, one athletic uniform, one house T-shirt and one HAIS hat
    • Student insurance
    • Access to required course materials
    • Local (Hoi An) field trips
    • specific Extracurricular Activities

*Cambridge IGCSE exam fee is not included.

Early Bird

Discount 20%

Early Bird

Discount 10%

Annual Payment

Biannual Payment

(5% Surcharge)

Quarterly Payment

(10% Surcharge)

April 30, 2022June 30, 2022July 31, 2022July 31, 2022July 31, 2022
September 31, 2022
December 31, 2022December 31, 2022
March 31, 2023

Application Fee
3,000,000 VND
This fee is paid to the school at the same time that the application is submitted. An application should only be made after a consultation with a HAIS Admissions professional, who will advise parents of the year/grade level placement, availability of spaces and potential waiting lists. Applying to the school does not guarantee a space for a student. This fee is paid only once, as long as the student is continuously enrolled at Hoi An International School.

Admissions Assessment
800,000 VND
Before starting at the school, each student (except Early Years students) will need to undergo an Admissions Assessment. The Admissions Department will advise on the length and structure of the assessment. Should the school decide that additional learning support is needed based on the results, as available, the School will develop a study programme for the respective student.

Facility Enhancement Fee
20,000,000 VND
The Facility Enhancement Fee is an annual fee that is due at the same time as the payment of tuition. This fee is to build a capital fund to purchase equipment or otherwise enhance school facilities.

School meals are purchased at the time of the student’s tuition payments (annually, biannually or quarterly). Families may choose to send a snack and lunchbox to school with a student instead.


Annual AmountBiannual AmountQuarterly Amount

Early Years








Transportation services are purchased at the time of the student’s tuition payments (annually, biannually or quarterly). School transportation is on a first come, first served basis. In case all the buses are full, student(s) will be placed on a waiting list before a new bus is started. Families may choose to provide their own transportation instead.

Distance from HAISAnnual AmountBiannual AmountQuarterly Amount
Distance: ≤ 5km15,000,0007,875,0004,12,5000
Distance: 5-10km22,000,00011,550,0006,050,000
Distance: 10-20km32,000,00016,800,0008,800,000
Distance: ≥ 20km40,000,00021,000,00011,000,000

Extracurricular Activities
Extracurricular Activities (ECAs) are offered at various periods throughout the school year. Parents and students can enrol in ECAs through the Administrative Office. Payment for ECA’s varies from term to term, depending on the activity, with a number of them being free of charge. Cost is to be paid before the activity(ies) commence. If ECAs are cancelled, the school will arrange a make-up day for cancelled activities.

Field Trips
This cost relates to field trips that are not Local (Hoi An) field trips. The cost for distance field trips (i.e. Da Nang or further) will be determined and informed during the school year, depending on the curriculum and field trip’s destination. The cost is to be paid prior to the trip.

Specialised 1:1 English Support
500,000 VND/hour (With International Teacher), 350,000 VND/hour (With Vietnamese Teacher)
Each student’s English language ability will be assessed during the admissions process to identify their level of English acquisition and knowledge. Those identified as requiring additional support will be provided with skilled, individual support at the required level.

Specialised 1:1 Academic Support
700,000 VND/hour
Students joining the school are asked to provide an academic history and indicate if they have previously received or were recommended learning/academic support. HAIS will enrol students requiring learning/academic support up to a determined threshold and the appropriateness of this support will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Full-Time Support
When a full-time 1:1 aide/teaching assistant is required to meet a student’s learning needs, parents are responsible for sourcing the aide/teaching assistant and covering any associated costs. Wherever possible, HAIS will assist in finding an aide and assessing their suitability, with the financial responsibility being with the parents.

Early-Bird Discount
10% – 20% off tuition fees

HAIS offers a 20% tuition discount to all families that enrol and pay all annual tuition fees prior to May 1st, and a 10% tuition discount to all families that enrol and pay all annual tuition fees prior to July 1st.

Sibling Discount
5% – 10% off tuition fees
HAIS offers a 5% tuition discount to the second sibling and a 10% tuition discount from the third sibling onward for the same family enrolled at HAIS, with the eldest sibling paying full tuition fees. This discount does not apply to any other fees. This discount is only applicable to annual and bi-annual payment options.

Parent Ambassador Discount
3% off tuition fees
If a HAIS family refers another family to our school, and that family enrols their child(ren), the enrolling family will receive a 3% discount off the total tuition fees payable for that enrolment(s).

Additionally, the HAIS referring family will receive a 3% commission, based on the total tuition fees paid for that new enrolment(s).

Plus, the HAIS referring family will receive a 3% commission, based on the total tuition fees paid for that new enrolment(s).

To refer another family, please contact our Admissions Department by emailing <>, calling +84 (0)335 651 8518, or completing the form below to provide us with the contact information of the family that you wish to refer.  [Referral form] 

Group Discount
5% – 10% off tuition fees
HAIS offers a 5% tuition discount to the group of 3 to 5 new students enrolling in HAIS at the same time and a 10% tuition discount for the group of 6 students on ward. This discount does not apply to any other fees and cannot combined with the Sibling Discount. This discount is only applicable to annual and bi-annual payment options.

Long-term Student
20% off tuition fees
If parents choose to pay tuition fee one school year upfront and committed to enrol their child(ren) until the end of the their academic sector, HAIS applies20% discount on tuition fee and keep the tuition fixed based on the first school year of enrolment. This discount does not apply to any other fees and cannot combined with the Early Bird Discount. 
Loyalty Student
5% off tuition fees
For students enrolling at HAIS for minimum 3 full academic years, HAIS offers 5% discount on tuition fee. This discount can be combined with other discounts.

Up to 395 Million VND

For the 2022-2023 Academic Year, HAIS is pleased to offer a limited number of academic, art and athletic scholarships. Scholarships are primarily offered to Upper Primary (both Bilingual and International Programmes) and Secondary students. Scholarship awards are dependent on exemplary results on the scholarship test/demonstration of talent and an interview with the HAIS Leadership Team.
To be considered for and retain a scholarship, students must successfully:
    • Complete the scholarship application process, including the testing/demonstration of talent and an interview;
    • Display exemplary academic and behavioural excellence through academic studies, leadership, community involvement and extracurricular activities;
    • Demonstrate initiative, drive and dedication in all school-related involvement; and
    • Represent HAIS to the highest standard.

See more details here 

Payment of Tuition and other fees are considered valid payments and are applied based on the date the school receives the full amount without any deduction for transaction fees (e.g. bank transfer fees). Students will only be enrolled once payments are paid and confirmed as received by the school. Payment can only be made in cash (in the school Administrative Office) and via bank transfer. Bank transfers should be made to one of the following bank accounts. Please include the details of the student’s full name and current year level as the payment reference. Confirmation of transfer of monies via Bank Transfer is the sole responsibility of the payee.

Account NameGECD CO., Ltd
Account Number3301101443001 
Bank NameMBBank – Hoi An branch
Address21 Cat Linh, Cat Linh Ward, Dong Da District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam
Account NameCong ty TNHH Phat Trien Giao Duc Cong Dong Xanh
Account Number3301101442005
Bank NameNgan Hang TMCP Quan Doi – MB Bank Chi nhanh Hoi An
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