Vietnamese Literature


VAL - Vietnamese as an Additional Language

The Vietnamese Language Programme is divided into learning pathways: One for second-language learners and one for native Vietnamese speakers. This program is designed for international students and taught by a team of HAIS Vietnamese teachers, under the direction of HAIS Founder Ms. Tran Hanh An; a linguist, a lecturer, an editor and a book writer, with experiences in the field of Vietnamese language learning for foreigners.

HAIS has published three books titled “Vietnamese Around Me” – Volumes 1,2 3 (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Level). The collection of books is uniquely designed and highly practical; suitable for the age of the students to learn and use Vietnamese in the school or with local people in their out-of-school activities.

VNL - Vietnamese as a Native Language

This programme is for the native Vietnamese students at HAIS, many who are enrolled in the Bilingual Programme. The curriculum is designed based on the curriculum framework of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam, with focuses on Nationalism, Literature, History, Geography and Lifestyle Education, appropriate for each grade level. 

For primary school students, they learn many of their core subjects in the Vietnamese language, including Maths, Lifestyle Education, Vietnamese Language and more. For secondary students, they study Vietnamese language 4 periods a week. Their language is developed through the subjects of Literature, History and Geography of Vietnam.

With having the Vietnamese Language program in addition to the main curriculum of the school, HAIS International students become more worldly and integrated with the local culture. HAIS Bilingual still retain their native language and cultural values while also receiving a quality internally-standardized education. Students from both programmes graduate as truly global-citizens. 

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