Rainy Day Activities for Kids | Hoi An and Da Nang

Don’t want to brave the weather, but still want to enjoy your time in the Hoi An region? Thankfully there are lots of fun and family-friendly places you can visit – rain, hail or shine.

Here are seven awesome activities the whole family can enjoy.

Mikazuki Hotel & Waterpark Da Nang

When it’s raining in Hoi An, the Mikazuki Hotel is the perfect place to take your kids for a fun-filled day (or an overnight staycation). With its indoor pool (the biggest in Vietnam at 11,400 meters squared), children can splash and play to their heart’s content, and even if it’s sprinkling, the hot onsens are a relaxing treat. If there are patches with no rain, there’s also the outdoor waterpark and mini Mt Fuji!

The hotel offers a range of family-friendly game rooms and activities, ensuring that everyone has a memorable time together. Visit Mikazuki Hotel to learn more about this fantastic rainy day destination.

Lotte Mart Da Nang

Lotte Arcade in Da Nang is a fantastic place for kids to have a great time on a rainy day. With its arcade area on the upper floor, kids can enjoy playing a variety of games and have fun competing with their friends and family. The shopping centre also has a quality bookshop with English books and a selection of kids’ toys, which parents and kids enjoy browsing. Great all round entertainment on a rainy day. 

Lotte Arcade also has a movie cinema where children can watch the latest films which are screened in English and Vietnamese (just check times and schedule). There is also a Lotte Cinema in Hoi An worth noting if you just want to visit the cinema and that location is more convenient.

Lantern Making Class Hoi An Handicraft Tours

Coloured lanterns are synonymous with the atmosphere of Hoi An, and are not just beautiful, but are also believed to bring happiness, luck, and wealth. 

On a rainy day, join a lantern-making class with the children. They are suitable for ages 4 and above. The lantern-making class will be led by an instructor who will teach you to craft a bamboo frame and create your own lantern. The best part is that the lantern can be neatly folded away to send as a gift to a family member at times like Christmas. Plus, during the class, you can enjoy a Vietnamese tea-tasting experience. It’s a perfect activity for a rainy day, ensuring fun and creativity for the whole family.

Funny Land Hoi An

Funny Land in Hoi An is a bit of a hidden gem, and children from Early Years through to Primary will get their sillies out there with gusto on a rainy day. With its big jumping castle, arcade games, ball pit, and jungle gym, kids will have a blast exploring and playing indoors. The indoor cafe provides a nice space for parents to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee while keeping an eye on their children. Funny Land offers a fun and safe environment for kids to let their energy out and have a great time.

My Son Sanctuary

If it’s just sprinkling (no heavy rain), My Son Sanctuary is still a fun place to explore with an umbrella and a raincoat. It’s approximately an hour’s drive from Hoi An. Within the lush forests, you can take a walk around the UNESCO World Heritage site and observe the preserved ruins from the Champa culture. This is a fascinating part of the region’s history and a pleasant activity to do with kids on a day with intermittent rain.

Lunch at a Kid-Friendly location

If you’ve been stuck indoors and are looking for a way to keep the kids happy, a nice lunch outing can do the trick. Here are some suggestions:

  • Lagom Bakery: They have delicious cakes, a beautiful atmosphere, great coffee and some art and pottery for sale or simply browse. 
  • The Hill Station Hoi An: This place is great for families. While parents enjoy a glass of wine, kids can indulge in a selection of toasties and smoothies. The menu is incredible and it has such a tranquil atmosphere on a rainy day, often with an exhibition to browse upstairs. 
  • For breakfast, Thom’s Sourdough Bakery is always a hit with families. They offer delicious muesli bowls and traditional English and Vietnamese options. And let’s not forget about their divine bread which you can take home. Rain or shine, Thom’s will make the kids happy – and there are a couple of locations close to An Bang so check Facebook for details.

Day Spa with the Kids

Spas can be a fantastic experience for families, especially on a rainy day when outdoor activities are limited. In Hoi An, there are several day spas that offer a range of treatments suitable for both adults and children.

One standout option is the Four Seasons Spa, which provides child-friendly treatments such as the Branches & Roots pampering treat, which focuses on little hands and feet and even offers optional buffing or organic polish application. These treatments are designed to provide a pampering experience for children, allowing them to feel special and cared for.

For families looking for a more immersive spa experience, the Heart of the Earth Family Ritual at the Four Seasons is an excellent choice. This ritual is designed for up to four family members and includes a massage, bathing ritual, and crystal sound immersion. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to bond and relax together.