As Term 2 kicks off, it’s good to know what is coming up and share key dates with your children. So, grab your calendars and get ready to mark down school events and significant days. Here’s what’s coming up:

January 8th: First Day of Term 2

Lock in the first day of Term 2. Students should return feeling refreshed and excited to see their teachers and friends once again. 

January 25th & 26th: Athletics Carnival

The HAIS Athletics Carnival is a chance for all students to showcase their physical abilities and team spirit. Our House teams; Buffalo, Phoenix, and Dragon – compete for the coveted trophy. The Athletics Carnival always has an atmosphere that is energised and electric as students cheer on their teammates. 

January 27th: Parent Teacher Conferences

If you are interested in setting up time to chat to your child’s teacher, January 27th is a dedicated opportunity to have a conversation about student progress and learning. It’s a valuable time to discuss any concerns, ask questions, and gain insights into how your child is developing both academically and emotionally.

February 2nd: Tet Celebration

Tet is a time when Hoi An comes alive with vibrant celebrations and cultural festivities. If you aren’t familiar with the traditions of Tet, we are sure that your students will come home and impart all the traditional cultural learnings with you. You’ll also see Kumquat trees with bright orange fruit on display throughout town and on the back of scooters across Hoi An. At HAIS, we’ll be organising a range of activities to commemorate this special occasion – with 2024 celebrating the Year of the Dragon. It will be a day of traditional performances, workshops, fun activities, and local food – with parents welcome to attend. 

February 3rd – 18th: Tet Holiday Break 

Whether you are a Vietnamese family celebrating Tet, or an international family joining in the festivities, the holiday break is a special time to cherish, connect, and create memories with your family.

February 21st – 23rd: International Week & Mother Language Day

A hallmark of our school’s ethos is the value of diversity and culture. HAIS currently has students representing more than 30 different nationalities, fostering a rich and inclusive environment. International Week and Mother Language Day is a time to celebrate our vast cultural cohort of families through the sharing of food, workshops, and the Parade of Nations. If you are travelling home for Tet, you may want to bring significant cultural items home for International Week such as costumes.

March 1st: Science Fair

The HAIS Science Fair celebrates the wonder and creativity of science. There is arguably as much imagination in the invention of scientific breakthroughs as there is engineering, and this is a day of discovery. Dream it, design it, and do it. Always a wonderful day of learning.