October and November are a time of year when you can enjoy the best things that Hoi An has to offer minus the holiday crowds and peak summer heat. The rhythm of the school year sets in, and students feel motivated to work towards their goals.

This September we are still looking forward to the Mid Autumn Festival event (September 29th) which is a celebration of Vietnamese culture which takes place from 5pm – 7pm in the evening.

Some other events for the diary looking forward to October and November are:

September 30 – October 1st: VISA Volleyball Tournament 

Our HAIS Hornets Volleyball team will fly out to HCMC on September 29th and compete against elite teams from schools across Vietnam for the VISA (Vietnam International School Association) Volleyball tournament. Our team will be training hard up until this date and we wish them the best of luck.

October 14th – 22nd: Autumn Break

The Autumn break is a short one-week holiday for students in Term 1. The break provides a welcome respite for students who have been adjusting to new classes, teachers, and schedules. It gives them a chance to recharge their batteries and come back to school with renewed energy and focus.

October 28th – October 29th: UNIS Invitational Swim Meet in Hanoi
Our HAIS Hornets Swim Squad will be making a splash in Hanoi on October 27th. Swimmers will attend the UNIS Swim Meet which will be our 2nd year in attendance at the tournament and an incredible opportunity for the squad. Students will compete against international schools from across South East Asia – with Mr Brett, Mr Yoann, Coach Elton and Coach Amanda all attending to support the team.

October 31st: Halloween

Traditionally an American celebration, Halloween has grown to be loved by children all over the world. Here at HAIS we encourage students to dress up in costumes and hold Halloween-themed activities. It’s a great way to foster a sense of community and school spirit, as students and teachers come together to create spooky spaces and fun in the classroom and school courtyard.

November 8th: STEM Day

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) day at school is an exciting event on the calendar where students are involved in hands-on activities and experiments within the science and technology fields. These activities are designed to promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while also fostering a love for science and technology.

We look forward to seeing what our teachers have planned to inspire our students in the world of STEM.


November 15th – 17th: International Week

International Week has always been a much loved celebration at HAIS. It’s a day where we all come together and appreciate and respect the diversity of cultures at our school. We have 31 nationalities and are still growing, so there is plenty to celebrate and look foward to. All the activities around International Week are designed to promote cultural awareness and inclusion.

November 17th – 19th: Phnom Penh Plunge – ISPP
The Phnom Penh Plunge is a massive opportunity for our HAIS Swim Squad to experience competing in an olympic sized 50m swimming pool with other elite international swim teams. Students will fly to Cambodia on November 16th and compete in the tournaments from the 17th – 19th. Go Hornets! We hope you feel like olympians and we’ll be all cheering you on from Hoi An.

November 20th: Vietnamese Teachers’ Day Event

On November 20th we celebrate Vietnamese Teachers’ Day to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our teachers in shaping the future of our students. It’s a day where we take a moment to recognise the passion, patience, and commitment to education from all of our HAIS teachers. Chúc Mừng Ngày Nhà Giáo Việt Nam!

November 27th – December 4th: Exam Week

Exam week is important for parents and students to mark in their diaries. As we approach the end of term exams, it’s important to ensure that our students are prepared, rested, and ready to tackle any challenges that come their way.