HAIS events are organised with the community in mind. We host a variety of different annual events that are organised by our dedicated community of teachers, students and parents alike. Our community is the driving force behind many of these events, which showcase the multicultural nature of HAIS. These events offer excellent opportunities for the HAIS community to work alongside one another while making lifelong memories. It plays an integral role in the ethos of HAIS and forms part of our efforts to help instill an appreciation of, and respect for, the rich heritage and diversity of our community.

Term 1 Events

Sep 14

1st Day of School
Event Photos

Sep 15

Dot day

Sep 25

Parent Meet and Greet

Sep 30

Mid Autumn Festival

Oct 19-24

International Week

Oct 31


Nov 20

Teacher's Day

Dec 07

Hour of Code

Dec 17

Winter Concert

Dec 19

Holiday Bazaar

Term 2 Events

Jan 22

Athletic Carnival

Jan 25

International Day of Education

Feb 05

Tet Celebration

Feb 22

International Mother Language Day

Mar 01-05

World Book Week

Mar 08

International Women's Day

Apr 09

Swimming Carnival

Apr 17

HAIS Open day

Term 3 Events

May 15

International Day of Families

May 15

Picnic in the park

Jun 01

Children's Day

Jun 01

Global Day of Parents

Jun 19

HAIS Virtual Open Day

Jun 25

End of School Concert
School Tour Trial Day Apply