Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is comprised of inspiring individuals, who nurture and transform through their strong guidance and direction. They embody the school's Vision, Mission, and Values. Our leaders are actively engaged in the daily school operations, and deeply involved in the academic and pastoral development of each student, ensuring and enhancing our rigorous quality of education and holistic approach to a child’s growth.

Ms Tran Hanh An

Ceo and Founder

Mr Brett Macdouall


Mr Nguyen Luan

Vietnamese Curriculum Principal

Mr Balint Kocsis

International Vice Principal

Ms Ve Thi Hanh

Bilingual Vice Principal

Ms Kelsie Lawson

Head Of Administration

Ms Tran Thi Phuc

Principals’ Assistant

Learning Leads

Our Learning Leads develop lessons, communicate with their teams to enhance teaching and learning and assist teachers regarding the educational progress and student behaviour. They work alongside and in a team of other teachers who are all expected to align the curriculum across grade levels, to ensure all students are receiving a high-quality education.

Ms Charlotte Mills

International Early Years Learning Lead

Ms Vo Thi Tuong Vy

Bilingual Early Years Learning Lead

Mr Joseph Darby

International Bilingual Early Years Learning Lead

Mr Thomas Dowden

International Primary Learning Lead

Ms Nguyen Thi Chung Ha

Bilingual Primary Learning Lead

Ms Jeanri Smit

International Bilingual Primary Learning Lead

Ms Hannah Lord

Secondary Learning Lead

Ms Frances Dobson

Specialist Subjects Learning Lead


Ms Amanda Gustin

General Coordinator

Mr Elton Dry

World Languages Coordinator - English & French

Ms Tran Thi Phuc

World Languages Coordinator - Vietnamese

Ms Amanda Sodergren

Learning Enhancement Coordinator and School Counsellor

Ms Tran Thi Hanh

Head Teaching Assistant