Our “Admissions” section contains plenty of information to help you understand the process for enrolling your child at Hoi An International School.

We hope it will answer most of the big questions you’ll have. Of course, the needs of every family and student are different, and so our admissions staff are always ready to handle inquiries in English or Vietnamese. We can arrange a meeting for you with the person who can best address your inquiries.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting with our admissions staff. Tours of the school are available anytime, but best by appointment.

Why us

  • Diverse, qualified, experienced teachers
  • Specialist Subject teachers from Kindergarten onwards
  • Choice of Additional Language from Pre Kindergarten onwards; Vietnamese, English and Mandarin
  • Not for profit school
  • Two Outstanding Programmes-International and Bilingual
  • Choice of Additional Language from Pre Kindergarten onwards; Vietnamese, English and Mandarin
  • Library housing three separate collections (English, Vietnamese, Bilingual)
  • Small class sizes (16 student maximum in Primary and Secondary, 10-14 in  Early Years)
  • Purpose built campus
  • Cricket Garden (500 square meters) with a flock of 14 Egyptian chickens
  • Junkyard Playground
  • Exciting After School Activities programme
A purpose-built campus

Hoi An International School was built from the ground up, based on a vision of a school that combines the best of education, creativity, and a healthy, active lifestyle. The campus retains as much of the old buildings as possible, upcycling and reusing materials whenever possible. It provides our campus with the best of both worlds; the heritage of Hoi An with modern learning spaces. Our founder, Trần Hạnh An, is an entrepreneur, an educator and a mother of five kids.  When she started this school, she was able to bring to the table her own ideas for how the school should be set up, based in large part on her own experiences and her children’s needs. It’s because of this, that our campus offers both high-quality learning facilities, as well as features that encourage the children to be creative, to go outside and be active and healthy, to socialise, and to engage with the natural environment around them.

A focus on quality, not quantity

Hoi An International School was set up as a not for profit entreprise; we invest revenues back into the school, and into the Hoi An community. It’s because of this that we can focus on building a school where our guiding principle is quality education, rather than expansion.

Class sizes will be capped at 16 students in primary, in order to allow students optimal contact with their teachers, while the overall size of the school will be maintained at a particular level. This will also allow the school to keep its tight-knit community feel, where everyone has the opportunity to get to know one another.

At HAIS, we’re working for personal growth, not revenue growth.

Upcoming Events

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