An International Education

From the Early Years Foundation Stage, children can transfer, on completion of a successful admissions interview, to Years 1 and 2 of the Primary School, where they begin a more formalised approach to learning. The HAIS curriculum is broad and diverse and, whilst it is subject-based, there are many opportunities for a cross-curricular approach to learning. Much of the timetable is classroom-based, with each class having a teaching support assistant.

In this very important phase of their education, children apply the skills they have learned in the Foundation Stage and begin to develop new approaches to learning. As children progress through Years 1 and 2, we encourage them to become increasingly independent as learners by helping them to:

  • Be resilient – show determination and initiative.
  • Be resourceful – self-select resources that help with their learning.
  • Be reflective – thinking about the next step in their learning and how to do better next time.

The curriculum for Years 3 to 6 is designed to ensure children gain learning experiences that develop mastery of linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, social, physical, aesthetic and creative skills and abilities. The class teachers are responsible for the delivery of the Cambridge International Primary Curriculum subjects and the pastoral care of our students. The Cambridge International Primary Curriculum at HAIS develops the skills, knowledge and understanding to prepare learners for a smooth transition to Cambridge Lower Secondary.


Core Subjects

Non-Core Subjects

Kate Dekker Dunn

International Primary Learning Lead, International Year 5 Teacher

Truong Thuy Linh

A Level Student Support Coordinator, ESL Teacher

Amanda Gustin

International Year 4 Teacher, Swim Coach

Emma Pook

International Year 6 Teacher, Primary Pastoral Lead

Specialist Subjects Teachers

Yoann Labrue

Head of Sport, Physical Education Teacher